Please contact members of the Senate Environment Committee in support of the Scenic Vistas Protection bill.

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Steve Southerland   Morristown    LP 10   741-3851

Jack Johnson         Franklin        LP 11    741-2495

Jim Summerville   Dickson          302 WMB    741-4499

Mike Bell               Riceville         LP 6A     741-1946

Mike Faulk             Kingsport    LP 10 A    741-2061

Roy Herron            Dresden      309 WMB    741-4576

Beverly Marrero     Memphis   312 WMB   741-9128

Kerry Roberts         Gallatin     LP 11A   741-1999

Eric Stewart       Winchester  310A WMB   741-6694


Not sure what to say? Try some of this:

MTR Mining destroys mountains--and jobs.

  • Since 1985, coal mining jobs are down 79% in Tennessee. During that same time period, the percentage of coal coming from strip mining operations in Tennessee has increased by 42%.
  • Over the past 30 years, coal production in West Virginia has increased by over 140% while more than 40,000 mining jobs have been eliminated. MTR destroys jobs as well as mountains.

Economically, it's a loser.

  • Tennessee produces less than 1 percent of America’s coal. TN coal is more expensive than any other coal in the US due to its high sulphur content. TVA currently puchases less than .7 % of it’s coal from Tennessee.
  • A 2009 study also showed that when all revenues and expenditures are considered, the coal industry and its direct and indirect employees present a net cost of approximately $3.0 million to the State of Tennessee. 
  • The Smokies attract millions of tourists each year and support thousands of east TN jobs. People visit our state to enjoy the natural beauty and it doesn’t make sense to destroy the assets and jobs that drive our second largest industry.
  • Tennessee’s tourism industry generates nearly $14 billion annually for our state and supports over 175,000 TN jobs. 
  • There are more than 175,000 Tennesseans employed by the tourism industry compared to the 550 mining jobs that currently exist in Tennessee.
  • Destroying mountains and polluting our watersheds will have irreversible effects on the economies of our mountain communities.

MTR is a health hazard to nearby communities. 

  • When a mountain is detonated, toxins including selenium, mercury, arsenic, lead, copper and chromium enter the air and surrounding watersheds..
  • Tennesseans rank 42nd in the nation for overall health. Campbell County, the largest coal-producing county in TN, ranks 92 out of 95 counties for overall health.
  • Studies show increased mortality rates, lung cancer, chronic heart, kidney and lung disease in communities surrounding MTR operations.
  • In 2011, a study found that counties in and near mountaintop mining areas had higher rates of birth defects for five out of six types of birth defects, including circulatory/respiratory, musculoskeletal, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, and urogenital defects.




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